Big Data Scene in Jordan: Who’s doing what

I started self-learning data science and engineering in Jordan back in 2012. Hadoop was just being open-sourced and companies worldwide were emerging everyday! In Jordan, the ecosystem was too small and booting up slowly. Now in 2017, however, it is growing steadily with great potential regionally and maybe even globally! I hope this post highlights this fact.

So, without further ado, this is a list of awesome companies driving data innovation in Jordan (ordered alphabetically)…

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Technical Interviewer Guide: The golden tip

I’ll jump right into it: As an interviewer, ask all your questions strictly in the past tense. That’s simply all what’s there to it. Convert all your questions about technical knowledge, work experience, team work, attitude, even those IQ tests and hypothetical questions. Convert all of them into the past tense. Almost every single aspect of the interview should be in the past tense.

Think about this:
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10 Years of Volunteering

I started writing this post as a short guide to start a dialogue on volunteering culture and encourage people to explore and volunteer more. Eventually, it grew to become a long article depicting my life in the past ten years. It’s a bit too personal for me and what I intended my blog to be about, but I do trust you 🙂


I have been involved in volunteering activities since 2007 and I feel now is the time to share some experiences on why I did it and why it was so important to me that I’m still doing it till now.


The beginning

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TechTalk: Lambda architecture and real-time processing (Arabic)

Although Hadoop might be the first thing to come in your mind when you think of processing large data sets, it is not always the best solution for your Big Data problems.
Hadoop might be the right choice for batch-processing big data, but when it comes to real-time data processing there are other architectures and tools to consider. This TechTalk shows the need behind solving real time data problems and explains the Lambda architecture, covering Druid as an example, and the simpler and less expensive “relay model”.

The talk is recorded in arabic as a JOSA TechTalk event on Jan 31st, 2015.



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Solr vs. ElasticSearch – Feature Comparison

Recently, we were discussing moving away from out good ol’ Solr-based search engine to a more distributed environment on top of ElasticSearch, first thing I did is listing all the features I was actively using in Solr and compare them one-to-one with their ElasticSearch counterparts. I’m listing my full comparison below.

Note that this list is not a comprehensive list of all Solr features, rather it’s a realistic view of a live Solr setup.

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